In the line

She is stuck in the line

She wants to come out
       Wants to reach somewhere
       Wants to start afresh 
But when?

She closes her eyes 
        Hoping that it is a night mare
She keeps her years at Bay
   Life may come this way

But now,
               She is stuck in the line.

She sold herself
         For a few bucks
Wasting some blood
      Riding on pricks and drugs

She tried to escape
         But couldn’t do it
She is trying to
        But couldn’t do much

           She is stuck in the line.

The world is too bad
     To let an angel fly
She isn’t glad 
      To restrict in the line.

She is hoping,
                         Sitting naked
Seeing her blood

She is out of money,
                                      Out of respect,
           Out of place
But has her hope held.

Out of the window
                                 She looks,
A place in her heart
                                She books.

Opens her eyes
           And everything is dark,
Dark as hell,
                      Red as blood.

Countless night,
 Strange men
No men with honour,
       But with hunger.

They hurt the angel
          She bleeds,
                   She cries
Her eyes are red
                 And her face is pale.

Throwed their money on her, 
Hatingly she took it.
Wiped her face 
            And equipped a mask
Came another son of a bitch.

Just under the upper hand
      She crumbles ,
Maybe she is suffering,
She coughs,
Blood from her nose,
Blood from her vagina.

She took the white power
And went into euphoria.

She lost her weight,
       Lost her face,
She lost everything
But still,
Hopes for a better day.

They called her names
          Touched her boobs
Spanked her ass
            And let her cry.

She didn’t want to come
She was dragged
She wants to leave
                         But is being pulled.

Everytime when she decides
               To kill herself,
She couldn’t
 She wanted to live.

She is stuck in the line.

She waits for her cycle

She drinks,
                    She smokes
And she takes drugs
Only to forget.

Men will come
And men will go
But she has face the consequences forever

Poor she,
                 She is stuck in the line.

She doesn’t have a thousand dream
         But only one
Get out and live
And let herself win.

She does this sin
                  Only to keep her alive
Has no kin 
                 To keep her alive.

Must have sold herself
         To more than thousand men
Not even one in that thousand
           Came to her help

Where is she?
                        She is stuck in the line.

She is put under 
          The class A
For consumption of drugs,
     And for prostitution.

She waits for someone
          To her rescue
But it happens to be a
        Mythical superhero creature.
She waits,
                    She dreams,
                                           She hopes

         She is stuck in the line.

She might be a hooker
She does it only to live the race
            Only to keep body and soul as one
Only to keep her stomach
From growling.

She could have searched
       For other jobs,
Infact she did
But who allows a ’ PROSTITUTE’

She has to live
So she went in the line
             By a mistake

But now,
                She is stuck in the line.

She wants to come out,
But couldn’t.

She is having STDs,
            Having depression,
            Having a bony body
And carrying a life from someone.
She missed a cycle.

She isn’t a bitch
But we are,

She isn’t cultureless
But we are,

She isn’t cheap
But we are,

She isn’t a prostitute
But we are.

She is a virgin by her heart
But we aren’t.

But still,
               she is stuck in the line


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