Indian Classical Music: a fading beauty..

Music, not just an art but the word carries a whole wide world inside it. Comprised of various genres and kinds it involves music contrasting continent or region wise, under which resides one of the most ancient genre of music, the Indian Classical Music.
Indian Classical music has found its origins in ancient scriptures and Vedas that proves it to be not only a form of art, but a wide culture in itself. The evergreen panorama of Indian classical music also sets the framework of Indian traditions and culture. This genre of music has a set of rhythm and Taals that have a healing effect on body, proves to be a tool of meditation as well.
This ancient form of art has found its way to millions of hearts though, now it’s slowly fading with the onset of a new genre of music. Young generation is entertaining the idea of music that comprises of heavy metallic up-beats and electronic music. Making many Classical Ragas as its base, music producers are ruining the authentic aura of Indian Classicals by remixing it with heavy beats. Scarcity in the number of people opting to take forward this genre is felt heavily as almost everyone is either into western or Bollywood music, making Indian classical music a fading beauty.


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