Indo-Western Music


Riwaayat. What does this word mean to you? It is an Urdu word and means that the thing being referred to is commonly practiced or observed by the said segment of society. That is tradition.

India is a country with a rich, diverse culture and one of things we should be really proud of is our classical music. The two ‘zones’ of India have different ideas about classical music, but both of them are beautiful and soothing. The North Indian style is called Hindustani music whereas the South Indian style is called Carnatic. The roots of classical music are found the Vedic literature of Hinduism and the ancient text Natyashastra.

It is true that the present generation has more ties to the Western world and Bollywood. Yet, it does not make any sense to forget our roots and completely discard classical and traditional music. Today, you guys will be made aware of three entities which are striving hard to make youngsters interested in classical music and I must say, they are succeeding.


This Kochi band comprising four young men is famous for its lively and unique music which will make you sway along with it. The band’s musical genre is Indie-folk-alternative but trust me, even if you don’t get the exact meaning of it, the music will surely compensate for your lack of understanding. The band includes Pai Shailesh on the drums, Palee Francis on the keyboard, Achyuth Jaigopal on the guitar and banjos and Ashwin Gopakumar as the vocalist. The name of the band originated from the genre of music, i.e. Chai for Indian and Toast for Western music, therefore coming up with a play on ‘When Harry Met Sally’ which is “When Chai Met Toast”. Also, a unique thing about this band is that whenever it performs, the audience gets a little origami box called ‘chai box’ comprising a little tea bag, a fridge magnet and a sticker. Listen to ‘Joy of Little Things’ and ‘Firefly’ and you will understand why it has made its place in this list.



This Ahmedabad based band was formed in 2013 and has made a tremendous impact on audiences all over the world. This band too is a quartet which comprises of vocalist/guitarist Uddipan Sarmah, guitarist/keyboardist Shubham Gurung, bassist Bob Alex and drummer Gautam Deb. This band does a very unique thing- it fuses post-rock and ambient music with Hindi vocals. That sounds different doesn’t it? It is different! Good different. Their music is mainly emotionally instrumental and the vocals just compliment it.  Another good thing about them is that they haven’t stopped at the above mentioned instruments but also introduced cello, sitar, tabla and violin in their fascinating music. According to an interview, the name was first coined when they were searching for a bassist and it stuck even after Bob joined the band. Kalga, And Then Came Spring and The Tattva are some of the songs which must be heard and appreciated.



This was the brain child of a young producer/composer Tushar Lull. It is a platform for Indian Classical and Western musicians to come together and perform some of the finest and greatest musical pieces ever. They perform Indian adaptations of western theme music of movies and TV shows. It is a successful attempt to knit classical Indian tones into Western music to show the world the beauty of both forms. This endeavor proves that music has no boundaries and no language. The premier video was a cover of the Game of Thrones theme song and it got an amazing response. You must check out their version of the Harry Potter and Inception theme song along with the GoT one.

These bands have proved that the amalgamation and the fusion of different genres of music can produce an amazing and unique melody. They have captured the hearts of the audience by providing something different yet keeping alive the essence of Indian Classical music.


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