Insane Habit

In childhood everyone has a habit or a hobby of collecting some or the other things like old coins, stamps, old notes, etc. So even, I had a habit which turned into an obsession and now it’s my passion. I love to collect toy cars and still I do it, it’s my passion . Many of my family members & friends are like, ‘arey abhi tu chota nhi hai ! kya chote bachoo jaisa cars collect kar raha hai’. But I don’t care what people say because I love doing it & it gives me pleasure.

This journey started from my 6th birthday, on this birthday many of my relatives gifted me toy cars, and that was the time , I became obsessed for the collection of toy cars and eventually it became my passion. I also a sort of interested in photography and to improve my photography skills I joined the photography course where I learned how different angles vary for different photos . I wanted to show my photography skills to the people and I also had a passion of collecting toy cars . So I decided to do something in which I can showcase both the things my SKILLS as well as PASSION. I started working on this and thought to open a page on Instagram called ‘CARS CAFE’ where I shoot my small cars in such a way that it looks real cars. In this way, I was able to show up my collection as well as my photography skills.

And the main journey started, when I had completed my 100th posts of cars café on instagram , I thought why not to do something different for my 100th post , I asked my followers to DM me their favourite post from my account and I was litrerally shocked to see the responses I got from unknown people I was a lit bit happy that time because people were loving my work .So wherever I go I carry my cars so that whenever I see a good location I click pictuers .That’s how I am staunch to my page. I would like to share an incident which recently took place when I was walking on street one of my sister’s friend passed through, she was like, “Shreyas cars cafe right, I just love your page , I thought they are real cars and your photography angles seriously just loved it , keep it up .Trust me at that moment I was soo damn happy and emotional a litbit that people know me because of my page. It was the best feeling ever.

The journey, from people making fun on my habit, to the people knowing me because of my unique habit was just astonishing. My insane habit gave me the best experience because I never thought what people will wonder . I just went on doing it and the results you can see. So never think what people will say just do whatever you insane for………

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