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The water is now above the head or more like its “irritating”. Well, we of this generation get to our dams of temper full so fast that it is impossible to tell when will we burst? or how frequent?

Noone can’t put the blame on anyone, it creates altercations. But we will surely relate to this fast pace of life where everything is available within seconds of our call. Literally, no wait, full guarantee, and super fast have taken our world into such an era that even a fraction of a second matter.

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From the speed of our home delivery to the digital speed of our phones have us on the full pace that we forget that more speed actually slows everything else down for us. And as soon as we realize it, Aloha!! the dams are ready to burst, so fast that we don’t even show any other emotions but the “heights of being irritated”.

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Take a break now. Take a break for yourself. Take a break from all these speeds. Rest.


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