Is Life hard or easy?

Someone has rightly said, “we need to understand life. It is typical to understand that what life actually wants from us”. Somewhere we all are tired, faking a smile, trying to move on or wish to go far away from everything. We don’t get tired of working. It’s not physical tiredness. We get tired of people, emotions, and internal fights. Our body is fine but our soul is tired. It’s not our legs that hurt. It’s the heart that screams in ache. We don’t want peace, we want rest. Rest from everything like fake people, fake emotions and this fake world.

At a sudden moment we think to leave everything just because we were ditched by our lover or we were betrayed by our best friends & try to suicide or we remain in depressed state, anxious and stressed thinking that why he/she ditched us?. Best friends, in today’s world it is typical to find a real friend, if you have that than you are lucky and if don’t then we careful because people wear face mask. Because of this we hurt our self, we cry, tears roll down and get depressed.Sometimes people will stab you at the back, and then ask why you’re bleeding. Fuck them all. Life is not about the people who act true to your face but it’s about the people who stay true behind your back.Let it go. We all make mistakes. Shit happens. Things go wrong. You being sad and aloof hasn’t changed the situation, Has it? NO, right?. then just put this whole bad phase in a box and throw it in the river of past.

Some where we all are fighting with our soul. Soul also get tired. We don’t need to handle everything and we can’t. God is there to handle everything. He is director of our life. He has written the script of our life. We are just players, playing a role in his script. Everyone has problems in their life but the thing i don’t understand is “Why we get depressed so suddenly and then think to leave everything, Why we are not happy for those things we have. We cry for those things which we don’t have. Why we want to stay in the darkness of light? IS LIFE REALLY HARD?. CAN WE NOT MAKE IT EASY? see this then:

Just think once about them. They are willing to live a happy life just like as you. But still somewhere they are happy. They are happy because they have something not everything. Everyone wants happiness, nobody wants pain. But dear you cannot make a rainbow with a little rain. If 5 seconds of smile can make a photograph more beautiful then just imagine, if you keep always smiling then how beautiful your life will be.

Sometimes i think just to pack my bag and run away somewhere far and remote. I am tired of living the same routine life, same soulless people, and same struggle to breathe in peace. but let it go..!! Take a deep breath and promise yourself that you will live in present, for your future. I know it’s hard. But don’t forget that this suffering has been hard too, really hard. So, just fight it out, one punch daily.!.

Then suddenly i heard voice of my mom calling me for dinner and thought to end my words here only because i know parents are always there, they will not leave us because they are real. So live for them, for their dream. Bring a smile on their face, at that time you would feel as you are on the top of the world. One more thing, spend more time with your grandparents, you will miss them like hell soon.,as they know more about this fake world.




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