It’s all about scams!


Scams, scams, scams

It’s all about scams!

2g, 3g, and Coalgate

And many others in our fate

Panama or paradise

It’s all about their rise!


They take, eat and even retake

Doesn’t matter how much goes at the stake

When you catch them, they will escape

No matter how many efforts you make

They have their bulldozers and their contacts

You may catch them red handed

But it’s all a waste


It’s a vicious circle

in which they all mumble

From ministers to every official

they all think of the world as noodle!


New faces, new scams

Nirav or Lalu, all are vamps

By investing in boondoggle

they have us swindled

Making their profits

Leaving us with losses

They dupe the world

With different shades and new means

And we all are left with just memes!


From fodder scam to bofors

And from NPAs to other scandals

Nothing has changed

Sinners are thirsty

Creating bottlenecks in country

Encashing gains,

giving nation the real pains

This will happen more and more

As the law has its own loopholes


Scams, now the biggest evil

Attempted by devils

Fulfilled under undue patronage

Now show your rage!

City was on fire

When padmavat came

Now put them on fire

When they play games

Asking for Mallya’s extradition

First ensure law implementation

Fraudsters looting treasures

But we are with no measures

Ruining the country

Sitting like a dummy

They are at fault and so the ministry.


Scams, scams, scams

It’s all about scams!




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