Journey Of The Soul


A soul turned out to be depressed,

There was a lot in the brain which she never expressed.

Time was challenging,

After all she too was a human-being.

In the extreme darkness of life,

People’s word would hurt like knife

Might be that was what we called a tough life.

She stood strong,

And never ever supported wrong.

Happiness was something she craved for,

She was the soul full of passion,

Though she loved a lot of fashion,

Pondering over all the small things,

She flew higher with her wings,

At times stuck in the negative rings

Wanted to full fill all her dreams,

Landed up always in the thoughts of cream

She wandered in the dreamlands

With the hope to succeed

Negativity never let her down

She never had the expression of frown

 “Daddy’s princess”, that’s the reason of her crown

She was the soul of her beautiful town

In every one’s life she wanted to be the clown

She stood like a doll with her hair brown.

Persistence defined her best,

She never wanted to take rest

Nothing could turn out to be the hurdle to her success,

Determination and hard work played a strong role.

And ultimately she was the happy soul.


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