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“What do you get when you mix an ancient book of secret recipes hidden since time immemorial, mysterious warnings, unusual ingredients from a spooky store owned by a local resident and three best friends?”

Is it possible the recipes are magical? And if so, what kind of trouble are the girls stirring up for themselves? Who wrote the recipes and where did they come from? Things are about to get a little too hot in Kelly Quinn’s kitchen. Here is a gist of what’s going to happen.

Kelly Quinn always had a passion for cooking. She got it from her Grandma Becky who was also a great cook herself but is sick for a year. Kelly always used to cook with her two best friends Hannah and Darby. As they were cooking brownies on the occasion of Grandma Becky’s birthday they mysteriously found an old cookbook in the attic. Thinking that it was her Grandma’s secret recipe book Kelly took it out to experiment with a recipe as a Birthday gift for her Grandma. The book was way too weird with strange titles for the recipes. Oh! And do not miss the inscription in the recipes. It is a type of riddle which you need to solve in order to know the after effects. The usual recipe becomes magical when you just add magic i.e. when you add the right amount of a magical spice. Each spice comes from a magic family and each family affects a different property for which the recipe is used for. For instance, the Cedronian spice effects emotions, Lapsus is for mobility, Werpoes is for the body. Weird names right? It ought to be like that if they are magical like the spells in harry potter.

So, Kelly cooks the ‘shut em up shortcake’ for her Grandmother’s birthday and her friends eventually will pay the price because they ignored the inscription. Eventually, Kelly figures out that her Grandma is under a magic spell and the three best friends decide on breaking that spell. In this journey of assessment the trio find’s out that Grandma Becky, Miss Silvers, the creepy old lady, and Mama P, the owner of the spooky store Mama P’s were initially best friends whom they referred to as the original cooks but got separated due to magic and some drama with a boy. And, not to forget the sweet boy Jake, selling food on a “food bike”. He helps out the trio throughout their adventure.

With Kelly fearing her grandma’s sickness, Hannah being the nervous organizer and Darby being the carefree girl that she is, the girls try to find a solution to every problem through magic which also turns back at them in the finale where they need to choose between Magic and their friendship.

The series is all about the adventurous ride of the three best friends in figuring out the magic cookbook. Most of the people ignore the show thinking that it is a show for children but trust me it is way more than that. If you will watch it once you will definitely get addicted to it. Believe me, I watched it like a hundred times and still not got bored of it.  It is that fun. I mean who doesn’t like magic. You need to watch the series in order to know what’s going to happen to the three best friends as well as the original cooks in the future.

The show not only depicts magic and control but also the beauty of friendship and relationships. They are the most important aspects of a person’s life than anything else. It shows that in order to achieve a goal you don’t need any magic; you will just need the fortitude and the right choices.


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