Poem on Kerala Flood

People visited me when they wanted to explore,
I embraced and loved them from my heart’s core.

I showed them how diverse my land is,
And they were awestruck to gaze at my nature’s bliss.

For my beauty and my mythological history,
They gave me the title of “God’s own country“.

I was so happy and content in my own little state,
That I forgot what havoc, nature can create.

I am struck with such a fatal calamity,
Yet I’m helpless against this nature’s adversity.

I see my children in great grief,
Yet I cannot do anything to make them feel relieved.

My serene beauty and my glory is snatched from me,
This disaster has taken my soul away from me.

Humans aren’t the only ones suffering here,
The animals, the birds, everyone is living in fear.

People have lost their kith and kins,
This is the worst disaster any state has ever been in.

Not for the display of nationality,
But just for the sake of humanity.

Help me and my people,
To cope up and get through this calamity.

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