Kosher War


She bid goodbye to him,

knowing she might not see him again.

He’s gone to be planted on foreign lands

For months and years.

To yield himself,

to fight for every mother’s son to live long and earn wings.

Peering at the phone all day long,

For what seems like an eternity,

Waiting for the screen to flash his name.

War has begun amongst the only prevailing race,


A war for what?

A war due to egotism and savagery.

Years have passed by hoping he is alive.

One day, Phone flashes his name.

The smile, tears and happiness says all about the wait.

With a husky voice she utters “Beta?”

A voice with grief from the other side said “Madam….”

She knew it once she heard ‘madam’ with grief and not ‘maa’ with great happiness.

Another brave and altruistic soul set out to serve his country.

This time, it was a son following his father’s footsteps till the heavens above.

With each soldier fighting wars,

There is a mother, wife and a daughter

fighting a bigger war.

A war fought against their own hopes and grief.

A war they always win by staying strong and call it their pride

A true soldier is the one who comes with the fallen.

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