Let Them Go!

Yes, life is not constant, it kept and will keep changing and so does people…
Everything changes with time…
There are times when some people come in your life…
Change you..
No, actually they didn’t change you..
You changed yourself for them..
But you didn’t know that they were temporary ones for whom you changed yourself…
It hurts when you get to know that you are not as important as you thought you are to someone..
It hurts badly when you get to know you have given all of you to them who hardly gave half of them to you..
But, the thing which makes you happy is the fact that they are not alone like you..
They are happy in their people, in their life.
They get what they do for them..
They are Happy and so you are.. To see them happy makes you forget about your miseries..
And if you feel the same, then just let go people with them..
They understand them more than you..
They make them feel special..
They do everything for them..
But the thing which they can’t do..
Is the way YOU love them..
But maybe their love makes them happy..
It will hurt, yes it will hurt badly to let go your loved ones..
But maybe this would be the solution to many questions..
Who knows.


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