Let’s break the vicious circle of menstrual taboo

Oh! You menstruate? Every month? What exactly it is? How does it happen? 

Ah! Stereotypes.

I want to talk about menstruation and wants to highlight many things related to this.

Yeah there are people who don’t know what exactly periods are but there is very few proportion of such people. Almost everyone is aware that what menstruations are. Guys there is no shameful thing in menstruating so be cool to it. I see girls saying “I’m down”, instead of just simply saying that “I’m on my period”, and I always think that what is there to hide. Why to be so shy about something so natural and biological? It’s just a discharge of blood once every month.

Now let’s just see the other side of this. So, the main thing I wanted to tell you is about those people who make the scripted video clips on periods. They are just showing that how illiterate Indian people are. You guys are just insulting your own country by showing up; like in India people don’t even know about menstruation. And they don’t only insult girls by these videos they also make fun of boys as well. Not all the boys are same. There are many who help the girls and they are well aware about the Menstruation but they don’t make fun of it atleast. I really  appreciate those people.

 In these videos guys ask stupid questions like is it watery? Is it a disease? Oh hello, those boys already know what it is. Some actors who work in these videos are mature enough to know about all this. I want to ask the video makers that why are you showing up all this negative and fake stuff? Of course, it’s not a thing to make fun of. There are lot of other things to entertain people, why only this?  And the reviewers especially girls not all but some of you feel proud by looking at these videos that yes, we are raising the voice and these boys are insane. Don’t you feel ashamed by watching that how India is being insulted? On seeing these videos your female power arouses but what about the nationalism then? Don’t you have any responsibility towards your own country from where you belong? 

Just stop watching these kind of videos and promoting it .

It’s just a menstruation. What’s the big deal?


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