What do you actually understand by the four lettered word LIFE??
In this blog you might expect me to say something on the lines of life is beautiful and you need to live it to your fullest but no I’m not going to say that life is beautiful I’m just going to put it as Life. It is beyond what any person can define.
Life is what you make out of it ,how you spend your present .
Life is a huge collection of experiences which basically depend on the choices you make.
No experience in life is bad , it’s how you deal with the situation,it depends on the way how you look at it.
Life can only be lived only when you understand life is not about winning it’s about trying, it’s about participating, it’s about taking the reigns of ur life in your control, it’s about knowing that it was your decision that life is how it is.
Your future is nothing but your coming present ,so the way you are today will define what you are tomorrow unless and until you decide to change yourself in the present. If you are afraid today then you will be afraid whole your life .
Always remember there’s never a tomorrow without a today.
Every person’s life goes on it’s own pace depending on the decisions he/she makes ,so do not compare your life with someone else’s,do not be the definition of perfection of someone else’s dictionary,be perfect to yourself ,be the director of your own life because you are the main lead of your life ,all others are the supporting characters that may leave or change over time ,you’re the one thing in your life that will stay with you throughout your whole life ,so define yourself,change yourself ,make your own definition of perfect .
Life is not a race,it is a story with it’s own twists and turns but it is for you to decide whether the climax of your life will be superhit or not .
We go on all our lives blaming people or things or situations around us for making life the way it is,but is that so ?? Ask yourself this question??
If the answer is yes then you’re most probably lying to yourself or unaware that it’s your choices that made life the way it is. We always tend to give reasons for why we couldn’t get a thing done,the reasons we give are just to make us feel better, because majority of us do not want to accept our failures and implement on solving the problem because in this world of critism we are afraid.
Afraid to accept our mistakes ,afraid to let go,afraid to take a risk,afraid to fail.
Now what does this word ‘fail’ mean.Many of you will suggest that failing is nothing but not being able to complete a task,achieve a goal,but there’s where we all go wrong, failing is not about not being able to attain what we want, failing is to stop trying to get what we want .
Life is not about just you know attaining something,life is a loop of trying and trying until we get what we want and then again trying to get something again.
Life is about seeing every situation as a challenge which will make you stronger, everything bound to happen with us will eventually shape us into the person we will be in the coming present (future).
Now it is for you to decide do you want to die on your deathbed having a list of things that you had planned to do in the near coming future , regretting why hadn’t you done it before or do you want to die tomorrow with having fulfilled all that you have wanted to do and have done??
If you are not living the day today as you would if it was your last day in this world then you’re not actually living you are just breathing .
So forget what others define you as,do not allow others to dictate your life because life is anything but unpredictable,a probability,a gamble and a moment later you might just not have it .Just take the risk, follow your passion,soar high,fall low,loose,try,inspire, define and redefine yourself until you get your definition of perfect,live,scream your heart out,be angry, drown,laugh,smile, survive,battle fight ,face,overcome,love,be humane but never fail and my definition of failure is keep trying because life is too short ,too unpredictable for a tomorrow , everything you have is your today.
Live like there is no tomorrow, because if you are happy today you are happy tomorrow and once you understand this you will also understand that life is much more than beautiful,it just depends on the perspective by which you look at it ,love yourself and never crack under pressure because often have you heard people say for carbon to become diamond it has to undergo intense pressure and the best experiences of our lives are the experiences that come from the hardest times.
Thank God for the day he has given you whereas many of us didn’t wake up to watch the sunrise this morning.
Thank God for the life he has given you because many can only dream of a life like what you have .
Thank God for considering you stronger than you can ever think, that he put you through the hardships which will make you stronger with time.
Thank him for this very moment ,be grateful and live life and not just spend your life sulking and just breathing.
What you have in your hand is your today ,this day,this moment , enjoy till it lasts.
Our life is like an ocean ,vast and deep ,you won’t find the real treasure until you dive deep into it,until you keep trying to reach the bottom.
Basically life is about taking the risk,diving into the ocean without bothering much about it’s depth, making a run for it no matter how long the race track is,it is about fighting your inner fears,it is a rollercoaster ride of which you do not know the end,but is for you to decide whether you will let your fears overwhelm you and make you feel sick and tired at the end of it or enjoy the whole ride facing all the turns and be thrilled and happy at the end of it.


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