Life: A mystery or A lesson

                               LIFE: A MYSTERY AND A LESSON


“Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful ”, someone said this but it’s true. Life, many people give different explanation according to the experiences they have gone through .Some says life is a game ,you have to take risk ; some says it’s a film where we all are characters and we have to perform our own roles ,so it means basically none of us can exactly define ‘what is life’’? In other words , we can simply say , it is all about what you create with whatever you have.

‘Life’, the four letter word but has fathom which we can’t figure out.  It is like riding a bicycle to keep balance you have to keep on moving. People give their best efforts to make their life comfy one but though after achieving a lot in their life they don’t get that inner content and the fact is that now a days people have stopped thinking about their inner conscious .They are endlessely performing all those things, without thinking a bit that whether it’s wrong or right ,what pros and cons that thing have and major part what impact it’s going to leave on their life , a sigh of relief or a sigh of pain, a bigger query which later turn into a lesson of our life.

In this materialistic world, I guess we are also becoming materialistic , due to the auto fast running world and things around us. We don’t even get time to think about us .It’s true no matter who tries to teaches you lesson about life, you won’t understand until you go through its own. Sometime the experiences with which we go through leaves a great impact on us , some experiences gives us a better consequences and some bad ,it varies.          

But we learn a lot from all these happenings , we realize our mistake and sometime we see the real face of person, who seems to be well-wisher of ours. Sometime we thing that dude I’m at the pinnacle of maturity intelligence and , best of all, invicibilty ,then how could I don’t get and this mistake. But dude it’s a life a game changing like things occurs it doesn’t matter how much smart you are that why it’s called a mystery, and thus it becomes the puzzle or you can mystery of self. Throughout the history, strange things have been documented that we cannot explain why they occurred. Sometime we say why this person came in our life if he/her has to go but the motive behind this is to learn something or to learn a new chapter or to solve any new mystery again, we never know, but we know that, “everyone comes into our life for particular purpose, when their work is done they exit ” .But still teaches us a lot!!! .

Understanding life is beyond our common understanding , we always remain in dilemma about the reason  behind the thing happening in our life, though we don’t want but still they occur, we are helpless at some point. But still we need to look at our inner self and reflect on the question, who am I , why I am here .By knowing ourselves we can understand a bit not wholly the unsolved mysteries of LIFE. So, I can say life is just a bowl of cherries , don’t take it serious ,it’s a mysterious. Life is just a bowl of cherries , so live and laugh and laugh at love ,love a laugh and laugh and love.


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