Life from an introvert to an ambivert


Extroverted introvert? Have you ever heard of that? Well if not, then you surely might have heard of the word ambivert.  Ambivert is synonymous to extroverted introvert. A person who is diffident and meek in front of unknown people but you know him as a party animal. So this is who I am “presently”. Had you known me about a year ago, I was that timid child who would think twice before uttering something and was lost in her own world without caring much. But certain people, things and mostly the situations help you in coming out of that cocoon to which you had been clinging to for such a long time. Anyways, this change from an introvert to an ambivert has been exciting and skittish at the same time.
In this transition phase I realized that how crucial it is to speak up when you want to prove yourself right as people tend to suppress you in all walks of your life. Being an introvert initially, people often mistook my silence and owed it to my negligence but they didn’t know that it owed to my shy nature.
Previously, I used to enjoy my own company but then there were some circumstances which pushed me out of my comfort zone and I had to interact with individuals. With time, I started liking hanging out in groups where I met people with different ideologies and shared our views together. This not only helped me in improving my communication skills but also enabled me in getting over that overthinking and over-analyzing nature of mine because of which I used to restrain myself from trying out new things. However, I still require that me time to re-energize myself, to boost up my confidence and also to have a check as to whether things are functioning properly so that my inner peace is not disturbed.

Though many transformations took place, but certain things remained intact, and one of them was listening. Rather than speaking, I always enjoyed listening to stories of people around and seeing their point of views. How they would handle tough situations, or probably how would they behave when they are least expecting something to happen. I have always enjoyed listening more than talking.Though I may or may not be of much help, but at least people do consider me as their own that’s why they are willing to share their thoughts with me and hence this is what that makes me wanted, that makes me happy.
But in this transformation phase there were people around me who were not happy with the changes I was going through because it was difficult for them to digest that I could be someone whom they did not imagine to be.
We often listen to people talking about introverts and extroverts but no one talks about how the transition happens or perhaps what things people undergo in that period. We have no right to judge anyone based on their thoughts or behavior because we don’t know what the other person is going through but we can at least help them in coping up with those situations. One should be as they are without the pressure of being someone else because it is not us who defines you rather it is YOU who defines YOURSELF.


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