Life is a beautiful struggle

Life is not a bed of roses . Every day can be a constant struggle , everyday you will have to prove yourself which will be exhausting i know!!

But beyond this struggle is the success that you have waited for so long.

So what if you are all alone

So what if you don’t have anyone by your side?

The only person you need is you ! 

Your friends, family would be with you for a certain time but it’s you who has to pickup yourself and walk towards your aim.

Let me recollect my very own personal experience for you people

I am a engineering graduate who was jobless for nearly 7-8 months , i attended every single interview i had in list just to be rejected at the end.

I was drained and totally exhausted from this everyday struggle

I was so frustrated that i started getting self doubts and suicidal thoughts.

My friends and my parents constantly motivated me but nothing seemed to work.

I used to think myself as worthless and a burden to my parents but then my very own art of writing poems helped me cope up 

You know how?

One day i was too depressed with all the rejections so i just took a pen and paper and started writing motivational thoughts for myself which turned into a poem.

And believe me , that poem has helped me to cope up  and never stop trying 

Want to know the poem i wrote ?


What is life?
Just a game of smile and sorrows,
If today there is suffering,
Don’t worry, there will be happiness tomorrow.

This is what i say daily,
To get a bit motivated,
Just to look with a different perspective,
To the life i always hated.

Maybe this wasn’t my day,
But tomorrow it will be.
Success never comes up easy,
Hardwork it will always be.

Come on ,Get over yourself,
You are not a depressed soul,
What seems to be huge,
Is just a small knoll.

You are not the kind of girl
To mourn over things that are gone
So breathe, hustle, survive and repeat
Because the show must go on.


Hope this helps you to motivate yourself as it did for me.

Also just remember the more you struggle, the more you learn, 

The more you learn, the more you are safe from committing any mistake.

No matter how many hard days life shows u,

Don’t ever give up.!

Remember , every pain you are going through now will make your success much more precious to you .

Happy days are yet to come !



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