Life is an Equation


The true essence of life lies in embracing and winning each phase, that our life passes through .Though there are no conflicting thoughts to the fact that life is governed by laws of sciences, but in a broader sense, when we take a look at life, we always notice that

“What goes around ,comes around”

There is an “=” sign in everybody’s life. A series of transitions from one stage to other, and other, and yet other, persevering as a part of ever-going process. And the ambience of each phase lies in the mantra as stated earlier “Embrace it and win it”. There’s an LHS (Left Hand Side) to the equation of life, where a little kid sets out on a road to excellence adopting basics of life, then learning Integrity, Seamlessness, Morals, boosting him to be tenacious and leave no stone unturned in being a good person. And not every kid can do it. Not every kid can keep himself from habits which can ruin him, his life.And he is accountable to life, everyone is indeed. His actions have consequences. Whatever he gives to life in this face, in the LHS of the equation, Life returns it, in the Upcoming Phase, the RHS.

The RHS(Right Hand Side) of the equation can be thought of the phase after a job. The job a person achieves, Is what comes around, as the result of what goes around in the LHS of Life. Thereby, making the tentative “ age of getting job”, as an “=” of the equation called Life.

For a better Understanding , say for example, a kid is interested in only wasting his time, does nothing fruitful, ultimately leading to his poor development as good human and skillfull person. That is, he gives Life a Big “Zero” , in his LHS. This doesn’t provide him with a good and secure future and he is left to be a meal to Unemployment. Thus Life gives him a ‘0’, in the RHS of his life, as


This proves the Equation of Life and explains the theory- Fate does the just, to everybody, it gives good to good ones, bad to bad ones and is cruel to cruels. As is evident now.

Nevertheless, there’s always a different viewpoint over a subject.About Life, considering similar pattern of outcomes,We can lead to another understanding.Examples are the best way to clear anything, so for instance, take a note that a kid who helps others , is always offered a help  when he needs.If someone sacrifices selflessly for another Life, so does life for him, as & when required. Thus, the Equation Theory of Life can be justified in these small- small observations, giving birth to another conclusion.

We, the people, are independent to decide our “=”. It could be on a daily basis, on a yearly basis, or on the basis that could stretch to life-long.

So, Its upto us, how we make our life successful. Looking at life as an equation or a resolved algorithm of equations, gives us a clearer view as to how smooth and better lifestyle can be achieved. The best that could be devised, is the daily basis, we do something to bring smile to a face. We set our own “=” and keep doing better, give life the best & humblest within us, give life the treatment, we expect to have in near future.


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