Lock Down 

There’s A Enemy Outside
Makes People To Act More Than Talk & Walk
To be hygiene & Social distancing
Are The Two Main Weapons To Fight With It

Sorry vehicles
Rest in peace roads
We have to shut down our speed
Walls are welcoming us to stay inside them
Family is calling us to be with them


Even it is broken into pieces
Heart get it’s peace
Whenever I write a piece of work
On a piece of paper



Being unique isn’t a crime

To be different isn’t a fault

There’s nothing wrong


If my outcome doesn’t match with your income perspectives
Actually, it is also a thing which makes me more valuable than you

Being unique isn’t a crime

To be different isn’t a fault


Compete within
To complete everything
Complete within
To compete the next best thing


There’s A Enemy Outside
It wakes up many dreams which are buried down in our hearts
It unites people who are seriously ignored for a reason of silly self-work
It teaches us to look “Down To Earth” (To Be Also)


Be the voice to the words in silence due to shyness
Be the step to the dreams in darkness due to fear


Yup, There’s A Enemy Outside
But Actually We (Who Are Now Inside)
Are The Enemy From Outside
It changes our nature
It hates high temperature
We are busy to find out a solution
It takes easy to reduce our pollution 


If you have the concern about the nature
What makes the difference???
Riding a bicycle Or Getting another car

If you have the concern about education
What makes the difference???
Being with the existing system Or taking up responsibility to change it

If you have the concern about you
What makes the difference???
Going with the flow Or Living in a dream





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