Long Distance Love


Dear Rohan,
You have successfully completed your internship and your account is debited with Rs. 60,000
Rohan jumped with joy and hugged ritika tightly he just wanted to live this moment forever just then another letter slipped by from the cover, happiness started fading slowly silence took over the cheers in the room it was ritika’s admission letter in the Cambridge university for English hons Her years of hardwork had finally given fruits she could see all her dreams coming true yet something pulled her back, her love for rohan She could not loose her dream for which, she broke the so called norms of the society for which her single mom fought against all the odds .With heavy heart teary eyes and holding all her memories in her breath she told rohan “will the long distance relationship work out ? I think we should end it and move on” thinking this they laughed out aloud
Just then a voice came “maa paa I need your help aayush is going abroad for 3 yrs for an office work in the headquarters of his company in usa. Don’t you think we should take a break and move on because long distance relationships are harder to sustain”


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