Long Distance Realtionships

LOVE. The purest, warm and selfless form of emotion. It has the power to overcome the vile nature of hatred. It’s an innocent feeling which rushes in your heart making it beat at a faster pace. There’s an inner feeling of immense happiness in you. You have a person by with you in your life, to share, to cherish, to cry, to fight and to love. As they say with love comes a great amount of sacrifices and hurdles. If it’s too easy and breezy it’s either luck or a false love. Real love comes with fighting against the myriad barriers which come along the way. One such block is Long Distance Relationship.

When people are in love, they give it all to maintain it, to blossom it even if the hardships seem too bitter to digest. They may be separated due to their choices of career or migration to some other city, yet despite all such odds people struggle and still survive with love. Long distance relationships may seem delusional, but there are instances where it has been proved that distance means so trivial if two people hold onto each other with trust and love.

Initially, it may look hard to survive as you crave to meet them in person, to hold each other hands, those small physical affections which you shower on each other. You may feel low sometimes, seeing other couples around you making you envy to the fullest thinking, why can’t you have what they have. It’s very natural to think like that. But the feeling, when you meet him/her after a gap of a long period of time is impalpable. The intensity of that sentiment signifies how your love is strong, is above all the petty odds and how you both survived the toughest of the situations together.

The key or the route towards having a successful long distance relationship is trust and understanding. Many, may consider communication a major role in this. Yes, indeed communication is imperative in any sort of relationship but think about the people who are working for our country, the military ones. The cadets being trained for it are devoid of any electronic equipment, yet their love stories still persist.

The major reason is trust and understanding. If a person has complete trust in his/her partner and understand’s one situation of what he/she is in, they are willing to accept the compromises and the different hurdles coming on their way. Even though sometimes, they may also feel emotionally disabled without the support of their partners, yet inside them there is this willpower growing, knowing that it is all worth it. It may seem too far-fetched and arduous, you just need to endure with great fortitude and a pinch of trust and understanding. That’s all that it takes. 


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