Long-distance Relationship


Long distance Relationship

Long-distance: that phase in almost every relationship where unwillingly, unfortunately we get diverge from our partners for the sake of career or other purposes. That phase where we dwell in a different world, deal with new people face new challenges but hold back that bond built with our partner. The phase where we share our everyday experiences of the day over the phone as well as cherish those memories once spent together. Life, when once was spent by visiting malls, theatres, parks or restaurants changes to spending the entire day talking over the phone. This is the phase when loyalty of both the partners gets examined engaged in the relationship. This vital stage of any relationship if gets overcomed anyhow, turns the bond alive forever. But then the question arises, does couples pass this examination of loyalty?

Couples when physically spend time together for a certain span gets addicted to each and every element attached to each other. However when distance comes in between and disrupts this lifestyle, it turns life into a massacre. They think about each other, wondering what they do, how must be he/she followed by a hundred of questions. Mentally, emotionally and psychologically one breaks down and fails to focus on the current events or activities. They wonder when they will meet again, make plans for meet ups and try numerous methods to overcome this distance. Relationship takes a new shape when both the partners realise each other’s importance in their absence, complexities are simplified through discussions which earlier took the path of quarrelling, definition of love and importance of relationship gets much more explained in each other’s perspective. All these were the ideal or an optimistic approach to the topic. But what is the negative approach then?

It’s easy to fall into a relationship but very difficult to maintain it. It’s easy to say “I love you” but difficult to stand by it. Relationship takes a different shape when distance comes in. Couples who used to be together all the time happens to act different when gets separated. The worse element is distractions. Distractions towards a different person to meet up the thirst that was once met up by their respective partners. It may sound cheap or dirty but this is reality. And it’s science. It has logical reasons behind it. Intimacy leads to secretion of adrenaline hormone as well as testosterone (for males) and estrogen and progesterone (for females). No matter whether you are physically present with your partner or not doesn’t bother our body metabolism. Therefore, individuals fall in the dilemma of shifting their interest from their partner to any random person. This is when loyalty gets tested. This is when an individual needs to choose between commitment made to his/her partner or the thirst of the body to get satisfied. However, many couples fail to maintain the commitment and thus shifts their interest from their partner to any random person.

Long distance is a very crucial phase in any relationship. Many couples fail in this test of loyalty whereas many couples win. It wholly depends on one’s determination and dedication. There are many relationships that started from a long distance and ended in togetherness. There are many relationships that started in Facebook or Tinder and ultimately had a happy ending. No matter whether you are physically close or far, no matter whether you know your partner from childhood or met in any social media platform, commitment is one such thing which can easily be given but tremendously difficult to stand by it. It’s fact that in today’s world, the value of relationships has literally deteriorated. New bonds like ‘friends with benefits’ has emerged out that will provide you satisfaction and simultaneously keep you away from responsibilities.


To those, who come in relationships for the sake of fun, time-pass, enjoyment or satisfaction, do remember one thing in mind. Maybe you are good looking or have enough resources to lead a luxury life, your deeds and actions create such an impact in the context of relationships such that individuals who genuinely respect relationships gets friendzoned or rejected.


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