Looking at Differences in Clear Detail: Self-Study Versus Enrolling in a Beauty School

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Some careers in life might be accomplished through the long and hard way, while some might be achieved through more uncomplicated and more easily attainable ways.

Some people think that what people do under the beauty, styling and cosmetics industry can just be learned at home; that means for some people, there’s no need for taking up those beauty courses offered and concentrated on those fields. On the other hand, as these beauty studies exist, many also think that enrolling in a beauty school offers bigger things than the latter.

Here, you get to see that some people prefer self-studying of what lies under the beauty matters, while some find getting a formal education under a beauty school more appealing and necessary. As these two learning methods have their similarities, it cannot be denied that they have extensive differences as well.   

The differences that they have can be called advantages or disadvantages based on the factors you personally consider and find helpful. Below are important points where they are found with distinctive variations.


#1: TIME


If you choose to self-study, that means you can choose when. You can set your own schedule favorable for you and your comfortable learning periods. You can adjust depending on your other commitments and personal responsibilities.

You can even multi-task self-studying beauty strategies and steps while you upload photos on your social media accounts and do other stuff! That definitely maximizes your use of time and helps you do more things in a short period of time.

This makes learning beauty concepts more convenient for you since you do not have to wake up really early for this study. If you slept late last night, it doesn’t really matter if you start reading beauty readings late in the afternoon. You can choose when not and when not to. Another thing about this is that you can study based on your mood and feelings.    

The challenge with self-studying is that you have greater chances of getting lazy, unproductive and undisciplined with your time since you are the one handling it. You have yourself as your own boss, so it’s up to you if you want and don’t want to move. That makes it an unhealthy comfort time for you.


Beauty School:

If you are enrolled in a beauty school, you are given the same rules with time as when you are in an academic school. You must comply with the set schedules. Be there on time for your classes. There are expert professors who will be monitoring your attendance and time, thus, you will learn how to be very disciplined when it comes to time management.

Jobs in the beauty industry consider time as gold indeed because one beauty work cannot be done so quickly with fully successful result. If you are to style a client’s hair and/or face, you must allot certain hours for arrival, preparation, execution, retouching and everything. Time is your opponent here. With enough time, you will be able to produce much more satisfying outcomes desired by the clients.

In a beauty school’s system, you will be trained early about giving utmost importance to time.

The challenge with this is that of course, you have to prioritize attending school other than other things. You will be spending most of your time learning there. Any valid excuses must be inquired first so you can be exempted in some classes. Here also, if you miss any activity, then you have to make efforts to catch up and learn.




With self-study, of course, you have to buy your own tools at your own selection. You can ask and/or look up the best products and materials to use for self-studying beauty strategies. You have to walk yourself to the stores and even inquire of the most ideal apparatuses to be used by you in seriously self-studying beauty techniques at home.

The challenge here is knowing which really is the best among the rest. You might also get high rates since you’re alone purchasing them.


Beauty School:

Beauty schools have professionals in the industry who already know what’s been proven and tested. They know the best and the worst things to utilize as people in the beauty field. Schools suggest and provide those tools (of course, to be paid by students). Uniform instruments and products are used, thus, you will know how effective they will be and also how different they can function depending on the person’s skills and usage.

Rates in buying this can be reduced since the school has its supplier that offers wholesale deals.

The challenge here is that you will most likely be limited only to the products allowed by the school. You’ll have to ask permission to use something else or another brand.




You will need to buy your own materials and products at your own financial costs for both methods, but self-studying costs less financial demands since you only have yourself and your personal place. There’s no need for you to go from here to there just to learn. Looking for something practical but functional, self-studying is a good choice, yet there could be hitches too.

Self-studying is far cheaper than the other one, however, there is a higher chance for you to spend more money in buying products if you are not knowledgeable enough on how to use and maintain them properly. It’s because you might keep on breaking stuff and reaching the bottom of the product containers but still not getting the perfect.


Beauty School:

Enrolling in a beauty school, of course, you will be spending a lot more because you have to pay for your tuition fee aside from the instruments that you will be using. There are many charges as well with other educational items such as books, manuals and readings.

There are people who will be spending their life teaching you what you need to learn so you can bloom in the career as they have done. You are getting real training and education that you actually have to pay for to obtain — that’s how the world works. That’s why getting in a beauty school is much more expensive.

You’ll have to allocate money for your transportation, food and allowance if you are going to study in a beauty school, and that’s just normal and necessary. If you’re into less practical but surely effective and surely rewarding, then beauty school is the way.



Whatever method you choose, as long as you do your best, they will be uniquely recognized and bearing good fruits.


Self-study makes you do every step all by yourself. You set your time, location, lessons, tools and everything else. You help yourself learn and discover what you want to, what you need to and what you must know. Hundred percent effort comes from you.


Beauty School:

You makes tons of effort as you study in a beauty school because you do not want to waste any of your precious time and money enrolling in one. There will be professors and artists who will be helping, guiding and supervising you as you exert your best efforts to achieve the best skills. The topics you have to learn will be laid in front of you, but how you’ll progress all depends on how you work for your own growth and development inside the beauty school.



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As its name implies, self-studying is when you study and learn on your own. It’s when you do self-learning. Here, you are vastly free to explore whatever kind or aspect of the beauty industry you have your eyes on and your mind set on.

You can make your own lesson plan or get some tips, guide and/or outline online or from influencers you look up to. You can choose where to focus on and when you want to. You yourself can skip parts you think can be skipped. You can immediately jump to portions when you think you’ve already gotten the part where you currently are in.

The challenge here is gaining a stable focus. Since there’s a lot of freedom for you, you might get side-tracked anytime. Getting confused and getting some things mixed up can actually happen to you.


Beauty School:

There are things that you can learn only in a beauty school. Of course, since you learn from professionals, you get professional help and teaching. There are special secrets exclusively shared inside beauty schools — things that the public cannot access online, and that’s just one pricey privilege.    

You also learn in a systematic way in a beauty school. There’s an established lesson plan made by your mentors so all of the students can remain in track. You learn from books then you go to application and actual examinations which give you a glimpse of what the career really is.

Teachers are there to monitor how you’ve been doing and improving or needing improvement. If you have any questions, you can easily ask them out and make clarifications. Anything you want to discuss and discover can easily be addressed.    

Pressure is more likely to occur here than when you’re self-studying, but that’s because you are in a learning institution where time is crucial. You also learn with different people who have the same interests as you, and that makes learning even more fun, memorable and motivating. Interaction is real.




It’s good and helpful how you can learn independence early because you’ll be needing it as you step out into the real world of work and business. Your ability to exert great efforts on your own is an advantageous tool for you to know your own work styles even when you’re all by yourself.


You have learned to teach yourself on your own with your steps and with your sweat, so it will be a big asset that not everyone carries. It shows how industrious you are and how you put your heart and mind in what you do, making you achieve what good you have achieved only by yourself.

Beauty School:

Companies are looking for professionals. Certifications and licenses are important for employers and for clients. Those things prove that you have acquired the required education, training, knowledge and skills to be able to work for and on other people.

You also meet people adept in the industry and those who have already made names in it. Entering a beauty school opens opportunities for close and tight connections with those people. They can give you hacks and recommendations and can refer you to people and companies they know. In that way, you will have a less difficult time looking for jobs in the future.




What you want in life seems to be “easy-to-achieve” sometimes but is really not. There are times when you think you can just get it on your own easily but with you goes the thought that you might only be taking the basic and insufficient way or maybe, the wrong way. You get this when you do a “self-study” of things that have their proper way of learning with people who can hugely help you.

While that’s the case for some, self-studying gives a very accomplishing feeling that makes them so proud of themselves and more motivated for betterment, enhancement and more learning.

Beauty School:

Studying in a beauty school, you are given a clearer hint that you are or you can be on the right track where you want to be in. You know that it’s the hard way but that’s just how it is. All the costs will be worth it in the end, most especially if you really do your part in reaching your goals!

Overall, Whatever method you choose, the feeling of fulfillment still lies on your own standards, feelings, needs and actions.




Both the self-study method and the beauty schooling method are beneficial and useful in their own awesome ways. Whatever you choose, it’s always up to you to weigh things before you choose any of them. It’s up to you know your financial capacities as well as your learning abilities. Settle on what works best for every aspect of your life.

As long as you’re happy with it, you find it bearable and practical and you will benefit greatly for the success of your beauty industry dreams, then it would be a good pick.


AUTHOR BIO: Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for MD College of Australia, a Registered Training Organisation delivering quality education and training in fields under the Beauty Industry. Her writing pieces include topics on beauty school and the chief courses a good one must have such as beauty therapy, makeup, barbering and hairdressing courses. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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