Looking for Alaska.

Looking for Alaska

By John Green


This book revolves around a teenage boy Miles Halter who lives in Florida with his parents, he is a weird Introvert kid who loves to read biographies and memories peoples last words. His whole life has been one big non-event, until he moves to a boarding school in Alabama, where his life changes when he meets Alaska Young. A pretty, smart and beautifully screwed up girl with ecstasy, joy, stories and secrets that Miles and his friends try to discover throughout the book. John Green has beautifully written the book in two parts that is, before and after Miles meets Alaska.

Moving to the hostel, Miles meets his roommate Chip Martin who has equally weird fantasy of memorizing names of countries. Chip who likes being called colonel is good friends with Alaska and that’s how the three of them end up being a group of best friends. Their friendship is built entirely upon the fun they have, how they prank around in the school, smuggling of vodka in milk cans, smoking cigarettes in the bathroom vent, buried wine by the lake side, sharing stories, reading books and having each other’s back in the times of misery and loneliness.

This young adult’s book is a complete mixture of life and living it to the fullest. It’s funny and heartbreaking. The joy is so pure it will melt you in tears. It is definitely a page turner. At the interval of the book the readers will feel curious and restless, but as you reach the end. All the secrets will unveil and you will feel more connected to the book. Green has perfectly designed his protagonist to be imperfect, so his readers could connect to it endlessly and personally. Overall considering all the emotions, I would put this book into the genre of thriller drama.


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