Losing Poetry- A Slam Poem


What is the worst thing that can happen to a poet? Is it the fear of plagiarism, fear that your words will lie above someone else’s name, fear that someone else would be praised for your imagination. Or is it the nightmare of not becoming a poet good enough, a poet who could influence lives. No, let me tell you the worst thing that can happen to a poet! Trust me, I’ve been through it!

Losing poetry– I guess the words don’t seem too heavy to create a baggage on you. But it does, it really really does. Trust me, I’ve been through this!

By losing poetry I don’t mean losing the poems you’ve already sealed, poems you’re done with, poems you’re earned your appreciation for. By losing poetry I mean losing the poems you were about to write, losing all the colorful pictures you had in your head and you were about to decorate them on the paper. Losing the poems you would’ve written in the future.

By losing poetry I mean losing the ability to write, losing the ability to create rainbows in people’s head with your words. It really is- the worst thing. Trust me, I’ve been through this!

Now let me tell you the scariest part of this worst thing. It’s losing the belief that you could write. It’s losing the faith you had right in your heart over here for seven long years. It’s like running to the walls you’ve painted in all these years with colors of your imagination but as soon as you touch them, they disappear. Losing poetry is like losing parts of yourself you thought you would carry forever. Trust me, I’ve been through this.

And when the sinking feeling starts you panic you go through every little thing you’ve written over and over and over again trying to find those missing pieces. But it turns out to be of no use. As pointless as chasing tails. You keep searching for that little drop of light in the ocean of emptiness.

But never lose hope. Cling onto every last piece of it. You will someday find your drop of light. Maybe in an old piece of poetry or in a person you’ve just met. Maybe after a few days or a couple of months, maybe an year.

But when you find your drop of light, let it consume you. Let your imagination flow ruthlessly in your veins like flock of wild animals set free after days of captivity. Let it run through you like blood. Let it overwhelm you like a splash of cold water on your face on a hot summer day.

You don’t understand, do you? You just can’t lose poetry forever. Sometimes all you need is a little push. But you do get through it; better and braver!

Like I said, I’ve been through this!


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