Love and Destruction

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The most complicated emotion known to man. It projects itself in different ways in everyone, an ever-changing beauty that makes man move in ways he never thought he would. It can make kings kneel and peasants rise, it can make a thief honest and a saint lie, nothing is off-limits in the name of love.
It is not in the kisses or the hugs, the long walks or romantic dinners, that you will find love. You’ll find love in the broken soul sitting upright in the dark hoping for change. You’ll find love in the lover who realises he’s lost his chance at it. You’ll find it in the most unexpected places and the most unexpected people.
Think about the last time you thought you were in love. Now think about how it ended. All those tears wept in self-realization, knowing you wasted them on the wrong person. If you have never experienced this, you’re either one of the luckiest people, or due a very rude wake up call.
With all these complications, the biggest problem people have is understanding if they have found love.
For all of those lost souls. I have your answer. If you’re questioning whether you’re in love.
You’re not.
You will know when you fall in love. It’s undeniable, unquestionable and unfaltering. It will make you do things you’re not used to. It will make you do whatever it wants, and you WILL be powerless to stop it. Love cannot be conquered, or defeated, only accepted.
One of the most destructive things that can happen to someone, is loving the wrong person. The changes, the sacrifices, all the effort you’ll put into it, will yield nothing except pain and suffering, and the notion that love is false. Love is the truest emotion there is, it is always people that are fake, those who give love a bad name, and leave behind a trail of destruction and hopeless people.
A beautiful thing about is that when you finally realize, finally see that you love someone, it’s usually in a very unexpected scenario. Sitting out there in the dark, after a fight, and trying to drown the entire world in music. You sit there, still thinking about them. Not being able to do anything else. Just thinking. You’re angry at them, pissed beyond belief, yet you can’t take them out of your head. All your thoughts are about how mad you are at them.
And that moment you’ll realise that you’re in love. Not because they occupy your thoughts, anything can do that. Not because you’re physically attracted to them, it can happen with a lot of people.
But sitting alone in that darkness, doing everything you can to drown out the world. You realise you care. You care that you’re mad at them. You can’t stop it, you can’t control your anger. You’re angry at yourself, because you’re normally calm and yet they can rile you up. You’re angry because they can make you feel emotions that you can normally keep under control.
You’re angry because they can control you. They will not realize that. The power they have over your, while all theirs, only exists in your mind, as for them it’s just interaction. You finally realize you love them, because not everyone can make you care beyond your own control.

And that, is finally when you do everything you can, to make sure you keep them with you.
The duality of love and destruction.


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