Love V/S Love

The heavenly piece imparted heart,

A little space occupied in their whole,

We who humans live and die apart,

for the feeling which beats heart in the soul…


Love is the mercy , endless.

enrichment of emotions, fearless.

Glory and dare to express, shameless.

A heavy downfall, helpless…


Separation and sacrifice is its general fate,

A shower of tears by the virtue of world’s suspection,

Spark of emotions, they say, must close the love gate,

Despite every heart once underwent infatuation….


Loving hearts tag them ‘stones in hell’,

Ignoring the fact of love’s dual immortality,

Later suffer the betrayals , innocence fell,

Realising they suffered, felt fantasy in reality….


Love a blessing or a curse?

A heart is left to beat all alone,

After a badly urge,

Just a love hidden and hidden for… hate…..

….All is a lover’s fate….




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