Love yourself

love yourself

I decided to write an article about loving yourself with your flaws and your good doings .I once saw a movie titled ‘Wonder’ ,it’s about a boy with a deformed face. It’s all about his journey of accepting himself just the way he is ,with all his scars . Even though the society keeps mocking him and making fun of him ,his family stood by him through it all .They loved him for him .He was no different to them .Having someone support you makes it a lot more easier for us on this road to acceptance .Whenever i asked my parents “Am I beautiful?” .Their answer will always be the same .They say “You’re the most beautiful girl on this planet”.I din’t believe them earlier and i used to hate almost everything about myself ,but now i know that even though I am not tall enough or fair enough .It’s ok .I am blessed with a life and i should appreciate myself and love me for me .It takes time and is not at all easy but not impossible .take it one step at a time and soon you will be comfortable being you .From then on you’ll feel the change yourself .You’ll feel confidence radiating through you .After that no force in this universe will be able to stop you. Once you start believing in yourself ,nothing will seem impossible to you .

Fill your life with lots of positivity .

Love yourself 


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