Made By The Society

Society(noun)- The aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community.

Here you’re free to be yourself as long as it is in the right way. You can fall in love with anyone but with whomever they are okay. You can love your body, but not too much or they will tear you down and it is a trouble much.

They will bully you for smiling and then wonder, why you are frown. If you are fed up of caste and reservations, please take your queue and sit down. If you are a brown skinned girl, oh! now that is a sin. Make sure you keep all your fairness creams fails within.

You can have your opinions but shape them to their views. And if you speak back, you’re prone to abuse. Holding hands in public is a shame but from bra- straps to pantie lines, everything sexualized and it is totally fine.

Abort that baby if it is a female. Now worry and crib about the unmarried males. “Save that Hymen till you become a wife” told me the society that wouldn’t spare a one year old life.

You catcalled a kid this morning who didn’t even hit her puberty and by night, you’re worried about your own sister and now, that’s a maturity.

What crime did that transgender do? Can you imagine living in a body that isn’t you?

Rape is a shame to the family, but martial rape isn’t, told me the society that was never questioned. And if you question, they won’t deceive. But, once you are in, you can never leave.

And why do we need gender equality? Oh, I forgot. We are made by society.


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