Making education count


It’s 2018, we live in an era of high-tech technology, growing at an escalating rate. The day is not far when robots will be sitting on the iron throne to rule mother earth. But to push our imaginations towards that scenario, we need to build a foundation of highly educated people. The question is, are we even at point zero of laying down that foundation stone?

Education is one of the most important aspects that a nation needs to focus on in order to grow and develop in every possible way. Education is not just an act, it is an emotion which needs to flow through the hearts of every individual, to make them realize the sheer importance of it. Unfortunately, looking at the data and statistics every now and then, the situation doesn’t appear positive. But why?

If subjected to the question, a bunch of fancy reasons comes up, in the spotlight being, poverty, high population, and corruption. No one ever gives a thought on how sick and insufficient our countries education policies are. It’s our failing policies that make us curse these spotlight issues.

We live in a country where Right to Free and Compulsory Education is a fundamental right and yet we have an alarmingly low literacy rate. Our system’s ignorance towards our education policies and a lack of interest from the side of our youth has thrown India’s socio-economic situation into jeopardy.

The issues that create such problems on the road to education are so trivial and puny, that one might feel ashamed being a part of this society. We blame poverty, but as per our fundamental rights education is a free and compulsory right. We blame population, but if India has a high number of children, it has an even higher number of unemployed people skilled in the field of teaching and education. Still, we are behind so many countries across the globe when it comes to education. The only obstacle that India faces in going from developing to developed is a low literacy rate.

Instead of bringing in new education policies as part of election manifesto every now and then, the government needs to solidify the existing policies and educate the people about the importance of educating their child. People need to be made to understand that these petty issues like caste and gender should not come in between their child’s literate and bright future. People need to understand, that increasing the size of their family isn’t going to help them increase their family income, but educating that one child can.

We really need to work on the basics of the problem, the complex issues are meant to get resolved automatically.

“kyuki, jab padhega India, tab hi to badhega India!’”


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