Male dominated world! Really?

Let’s talk about this
Because, it has already made my sanity piss.

I have heard enough of girl’s ranting about the gender discrimination .
But, let me clear it up, there is no special advantage a male is getting in this , or any other nation.

Please don’t argue when I say this .
Because there are clearly many points that society miss.

A male is not authorized to cry. 
No matter how hard he try.

For being a guy, you are supposed to be physically fit and strong. 
And if your body doesn’t fit that system, then Ohh My My! There is something seriously wrong.

If you compare the size of breasts, a girl will kick. 
But Yeah! It is alright to compare the size of his dick.

Supposed to know driving and be able to ride bikes. 
We ignore an important fact, to ask him if that’s what he likes.

Pressurised To earn money and be financially well. 
Because on his salary only , the whole family will dwell.

Also, a woman can file FIR against him on the charges of rape. 
But, if the same happens to him . every human’s mouth will be sealed by a tape.

A Girl can wear any color, without thinking. 
But if a boy wears pink, people will stare at him without even blinking.

Funny, how it is. We call it a MALE DOMINATED WORLD. 
But in reality, they are just three words


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