Me Too

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#Me Too

The last scream was heard around midnight

A silhouette of an extinguished soul last spotted on an empty street

People gathered, they dispersed.

Shouts mingled with muffled whimpers

Finally the little voice died.


Humanity failed.

Hashtag became her helpline

Two words dug deep into her wounds as they became her lifeline.

Humanity campaigned

But the hashtag faded

As the two words lost meaning

Deserting her last hope too.

Her hand still high in the air

Proud to be a cause.

A movement won.

A life lost.

A phase passed.

She gazed out of her window

Into the dark

Took a step forward and two steps back

A hand grabbed her, she winced

Woke with a jolt

Her mother hugged her, she was home.

Was it home?

Was she safe?

The smell of freshly cut grass

Flickering flame of a candle

Trickle of a raindrop on her window sill

The sound of footsteps feared her the most

A touch lingering a second long lost her trust.

Grimaced at the thought of being left alone.

Shadows left her quivering against the door

Waiting for a hand to reach out to her

A hand which does not devour her innocence

A hashtag which doesn’t outweigh her worth of survival

Few words which don’t lose themselves before difficult adjectives

A noun which makes her feel safe.

A haven which makes her feel home.

A phase which changes into action.

A battle won for making history a better subject to look up to.

A fight for safety.

An oath to protect ourselves.

A hand to punish every crooked mind.

A heart to teach well before you sow the seed

A will to curb the growth of a disastrous weed.




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