Meticulous Visualisatons of Room In Interior Designing


“The difference between something good and something great is in the attention to detailing.”

Interior designing is the heart of an entire architectural project where even a sightest of detail which looks insignificant to the design might be the most important element for defining success or failure of a project. The detailing of a design acoording to the clients perspective have always been a cumbersome job for the architect , and not getting the details upto the mark have always been a constant complaint from the customers.

But in the era of technology advancement , tis problem has been curbed out using the AR (AUGMENTED REALITY) and VR (VIRTUAL REALITY) tecologies that renders a 3-Dimensional image of what in reality the design would look like, which allows both the clients as well as the architects to discuss even the minute details of the design , which not only makes the work of an architect a bit easier but also gives the customers a level of satisfaction and a sigh of relief. To the architect, VR is a dream come true. Until the advent of this technology, architects would have to wait weeks, months or more to see their work truly bear fruit. To an architect, designs and blueprints on a page are akin to musical notation to a composer. They may express the architect’s vision, but they are not how that vision is meant to be truly experienced. For that, time, money, and skilled labor is required to execute on the plan.

Scale models, although useful, are no substitute for the real thing. A toy-sized replica is more helpful than the printed page or 2D computer monitor, but it cannot express the scope and majesty many architects have in mind when they work out their designs. Models are expensive and time-consuming to create, and cannot easily be iterated upon as an architect makes changes and improvement.

On the other hand, VR is life-size, fast, and inexpensive. A CAD design can be brought to life almost instantly in the virtual world, and a simulation of sufficient quality is effectively indistinguishable from the real thing. Architects can walk through their creations, see them as they are meant to be seen, and even make changes to them in real-time. In the virtual world, anything is possible, and architects can use software to add or remove elements as they see fit. No construction crew or building permit required. This technology is also helpful for clients and architects who are very distant  from each other , for exchanging their ideas in the form of 3-Dimensional images regarding the design . Thus Meticulous visualisations of room has brought a revolution in the field of interior designing and architecture.


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