Mob lynching and Media.

“We have killed this boy. Watch him on [the] news channel tomorrow.”-said a man to the father of the son who was lynched by the mob. Yes, this is the scenario of your country where a rumor is enough to kill you. Where a group of illiterate absent minded people will take no time to attack you just on the ground of suspicion. So, this is what MOB LYNCHING is.

For mob lynching to occur all one need is a diverse country , where there are a bunch of illiterate frustrated diverted people who have been constantly fueled by Media. Media acts as a key ingredient to it. Instead of procasting the news after proper investigation, media does it on prima facie.
Is lynching always been a part of India?
The MOB LYNCHING was first witnessed in US, where lynching of African American was frequent during period of reconstruction era. However, people had always been in doubt regarding the origin of mob lynching in India. We are made aware to it now but its roots have lasted in India from ages. As per reports, more than 630 people between 1982 and 1984 were killed by mobs in West Bengal. Look back at papers. Lynching had always been a part of India.
In 2006, the Bhiwandi Lynching took place where a muslim mob killed the police officers because they shot at a mob pelting stones. His firing thus caused the death of two muslim men.
In 2012 ( June 6), Mohan Paswan, a Dalit was lynched by a mob in Parhuti village in Bihar for drawing water from village pump.

These cases show that people of all religion, caste, creed, race, etc. Are subject to it. Middle Asia and South-east Asia is seeing many cases of it because of increasing religious extremism .
SRI LANKA AND BURMA- Buddhist extremist killing the minorities.
BANGLADESH-Islamic fundamentalist causing terror.
EAST EUROPE- Neo Nazis have caused their terror again.
INDIA- Hindu and Islamic extremists actions are at peak. Politics spread more Hindutva ideology whereas maulavis talk about more Islamic views.

The infamous Godhra incident, still give shock to my nerves, where a train, full of passengers was burnt down by a group of people. The recent, Dadri incident, where a Muslim man was killed by Hindu mob on suspicion that he had stolen and slaughtered a cow and was consuming the beef. However, later on, the investigation revealed that the meat was mutton and not a beef.
I don’t get how people from different community gather together and with consent of all kill a person. Communal hatred in India had gone so high that its really a matter of sigh. You know it is very difficult for a human to kill the other man because of the conscience, moral grounds, law of the land, etc.. So think there must be some solid reason that must have manipulated them to an extent that they are ready to commit an heinous crime like murder.

There can be two reasons for mob lynching to occur,
• The structure of society in which we are living is divided on the basis of group identity. Hence, making it quite easy to instigate one community.
• State itself acts as a participant in violence because the mob includes individuals who belong to some political party.
• Media further gives a communal colour to the incidents and creates a feeling of un-safety among other minorities.

“Tripura banned internet”
This was the act taken by Tripura when a mob killed individuals on ground of rumors sent on WhatsApp regarding a gang of child lifters. This rumor had killed 27 people till now. Astonishing news to this is that when an official Sukanta Chakrobarty was sent to tackle with those misconception, people killed him too. Similarly in Dhule district, 5 men were killed on grounds of suspicion for belonging to a gang of child lifters. In order to take a step, the state government banned the internet. Was the internet at fault and not the thirsty mob. There barbaric acts cannot be hidden by blaming social media completely.
2 distinct mentality.
In Jammu and Kashmir when an 8 year old girl was raped and murdered then the Special Police officer Deepak Khajuria was taken into custody on grounds that he had acted in this manner to inflict fear in victim’s community. Soon, a group of people burnt down vehicles and vandalized shops because they wanted the accused to be free.
In Arunachal Pradesh when a 5 year old girl was murdered and rape by 2 Adivasi migrant worker from Assam, Sanjay Sobar and Jagdish Lohar, then the furious crowd entered into the Police Station and killed the two of them. Soon the crowd dispersed and the corpse of two were lying on road.
To this the CM of Arunachal Pradesh said that the lynching so done was ‘unfortunate’ whereas the acts of demonstration in J&K were ‘barbaric and inhuman’.
Why were the acts of mob in AP were just unfortunate and not barbaric. Does this mean that it was civil and more humane. Why is there 2 distinct view. Undoing wrong with more wrong is what happening today.

Newspapers are the most unreliable source to get the real picture.
So many cases happen in India but only some are highlighted. Media is preferring religion based news to telecast. Selective hyping of particular type of news and thereby creating a scenario of doubt and un-safety among minorities. These selective news is providing breeding ground for political parties, which these days have stooped so low that they add fuel to fire. As a result, confusion amongst people, rumors spread, controversial statements for vote bank politics and then these statements are further debated in news channel…. Newspapers are flooded with all these… And these things make room in the mind of the commoners, the mango people.
Maoists, naxal torture lynch a tribal everyday.
Human trafficking and sex slavery has been on rise on India-Bangla border. Do all these news get equal media coverage?
The Nowhatta mob lynching did not get enough coverage than that of any other where an officer Md. Ayub Pandith in Kashmir was murdered by a mob in name of Jihad. Not only this, the mob there after raised slogans in praise of ISIS and Pakistan.
Such events doesn’t remain in lime lights because they don’t help to raise TRP of course.

Thus, whether we say its honour killing or mob lynching, things are quite synonymous. It had become the new common in India. Infact, it had become so common that the front page news are hidden somewhere in later pages. Government and others are just not to be blamed in it because they have a ground of defence. However, creating religious hatred is not a big job in India. But as WhatsApp have tried to keep a check on the origin of forwarded messages, rumours can be dealt with it too. Similarly, some strong lynching laws must be made to stop this chaotic tension.
“The greatest threat our nation is the belief that someone else will save it.”
-Robert Swan.



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