As the morning light hits my eyes,

And before I manage to see the skies,

My eyes go hungry and I rise,

To see my mother make some fries.

She isn’t a robot, but works like one.

And her speed?  The bullet of a gun.

Keeps the family together, tight like a bun.

And her prize, she demands from none.

Without a sigh, she works all day long.

And sometimes even humming a song.

And whenever she’s ill or things go wrong,

She tries to make sure nobody’s more strong.

I’ve never had the courage to let her know,

Respect for her will increase with each tomorrow.

She’s the best person as far as I know,

And I’ll have her with me as far as I go.

Her heart is gentle, soft as the fur.

Deep down to the cellular level is my love for her.

And I haven’t yet pictured a day without her,

Anything that takes her away from me, should never occur.

All that I am, I owe to her.

And everything I’ll ever be, is all hers.

I wish she lives a hundred more years.

To help with my fears, wipe my tears.

For every disease of mine she’s the cure.

And I love her, each day a little more.


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