Movies: The Carrier of Emotions

Movies and emotions always goes together. Movies can be considered as the most wonderful invention man has ever made. As an invention of man, movies reflects the most humane characteristics on the big screen. Emotions are one of the powerful feature of mankind. Movies stand as both the holder and creator of various emotions. They are the most effective and influential medium to reach the audience through the character’s emotions. Each movies embodies various emotions that is created by the genius film makers by making it alive though their characters with realistic and imaginative plot.

There are no movies as emotionless. That is, every movies holds certain range of emotions which is transferred to the audience through the character presentation. Only when we connect the characters in an emotional level, the interaction become deep and meaningful, and only when the interaction gets stronger, it produce various emotions in us. Thus movies, perform both as a holder and creator of emotions. We all have our own favorite movie, based on how it makes us feel. When we watch a movie by grasping it’s whole essence, the character’s emotions connects with the emotions of us and the product of these fusion is the unexplainable experience and feeling.

Each movies are emotional. In fact there is a deep chemistry between audience and movies. That is why some movies makes us smile, cry, laugh, fear and sometime makes as to jump on the seat out of thrill. There are two ways in watching a movie. Either we can just watch a movie only for entertainment and leave it when it ends, or we can watch the movie by sensing its full essence and emotions with an open heart which would haunt us for a long time. The emotions makes a movie alive and there should always be a transparent flow of emotions from the character to the audience to experience the magic of movies. The success of a movie lies on how it maintains this transparency, thus by attaining the world wide popularity over generations.


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    I’m still learning from you, but I’m trying to achieve my goals. I definitely liked reading everything that is posted on your website.Keep the stories coming. I loved it!


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