Music+study = Good Grades


Do you also face the problem of losing focus during studies then you are at the right place. Music is something which can sharpen up the mind and make the brain more attentive towards the books. Today we have Jazz, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rap, Fusion Music and a number of instruments like drums, keyboard, guitar, flute, sitar, bongo, saxophone and lots more. A study shows that a student who plays an instrument has 27% more brain power and can learn anything easily. Stringed instruments like guitar and violins and percussion instruments like drums and cymbals not only produce positive vibes but also reduce stress. Not only playing musical instruments but also listening music can help in studies. Hence, a good music taste will definitely help in overall academics. Let’s know how music bust stress, how musical instrument boost confidence and at last how to make a playlist for studies.

Why learn a musical instrument?

If you have a musical instrument at your home so it’s the right time to take music lessons. A study shows musicians can easily learn anything without much frustration. The University of California says that music trains your intellectual levels. When a student after long study plays any instrument it freshens up the mind and helps him to get over the academic stress. If you get rid of that stress it will be easy for you to make yourself ready for another round. So why are you sitting home idle grab an instrument and start taking lessons?

Music means no stress, literally

When you go to party or clubs the thing which makes you feel happy is the music playing there.  Many therapies need soothing music to heal the patient. The chirping of birds and insects make a major part of the natural music. Now you can understand the importance of music. So why not mix music and education. Listening to music increases mind coordination and confidence. But remember wasting too much time on listening music can degrade your score. Hence, it will definitely work for you if you do it in a limit.

How to make a music playlist for studies?

By making a playlist you can easily have all your favourite songs on hand for times when you feel low or lose concentration as it makes things better. To make a playlist you have to think of all your favourite songs which you can listen over and over and never get bored. Next, you should have some soft songs like Chain by Fleetwood Mac or Lost in Japan by Shawn Mendes. Don’t take too many emotional songs which make you remember your ex-girlfriend (just kidding). Next, have some upbeats to study Mathematics and Psychology. Upbeats make the mind energetic so that you do not get bored practicing the subject. Download them or buy on iTunes, it’s your all your choice. Remember that you should not waste time on the selection of songs. It should be as quick as possible. Voila! You have made an awesome playlist. Just grab your earphones or headphones and you can have a good start.


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