He is calm as before any storm because the power of destruction which resides in him is massive. Always composed, and slaying the art of staying cool he is none another than our beloved – Mahendra Singh Dhoni. As a youngster, with his love for sports, he was an avid football fan. Playing the role of goalkeeper, who would have known that those skills would drive him towards being one of the finest wicket-keeper the world has ever seen.

One of the greatest captains of all times, he was handed a team of youngsters to tackle the world t20 cup. With this introduction of a new format, who would have thought that this genius cricketing brain will lead India to a triumphing victory and thus began the Mahendra Singh Dhoni era. With passing days and years he fully changed the scenario of Indian cricket team by becoming the top-seeded country in test format. He fulfilled the wishes of billions of people around the country by winning the world cup, with that magnificent six after 28 years. With just one more trophy missing from his cabinet, flamboyantly India won the champions trophy in England making Dhoni the first ever captain to win all the trophies.
Apart from the international glories, in IPL, donning the yellow jersey and leading the pack of Chennai Super Kings he led his team to victory 3 times, which is the second team who have conquered this feat. Who will ever forget the last over of the t20 world cup in 2016 against Bangladesh? With just 2 runs needed off 3 balls, no one except this clever person would have thought of a run-out with his cheetah speed running, gifting team a victory. 
His batting is as fierce less as he is. Whenever the team is under pressure this man as cool as cucumber soaks all inside him and delivers it when it is needed the most. There are myriad times when he has led his team to victory when the situation looked next to impossible. There is no better love story than his relationship with the last ball sixes. That’s the kind of stalwart person he is. 
With that enigmatic persona which he has in him, he never fails to surprise or be taken aback. Silently he retired from tests, knowing that he was not able to contribute to the team and left the captaincy by himself, as it was the right moment for the new successor to take over. As high as his six soars away, he is as much rooted to the ground. Simple and grounded, kind and gentle human being he has given it all for his country as it tops his priority list. You may not be the captain anymore but you will be our captain forever.


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