A girl is said to be an angel to her father.

In Indian culture, a girl is treated like the Goddess Lakshmi.

My mother says, my father had married her for a huge amount of dowry. He was a well-settled employee and was earning really good at that time. My mother’s parents wanted to desperately give my mom’s hand in marriage to my father. It was the 4th month of her pregnancy that she knew a girl was in her womb. She had pleaded the doctor not to reveal it to my father. It was 7th month of her pregnancy, she wanted to inform him but was forced to keep silence as she knew he wouldn’t back off to force her to abort. She silently saw my father run around in excitement talking to his friends and relatives about the future he was planning for his son.

It was the 9th month and the date was due, I was born. He got so upset that he had gone from the hospital when he knew that a girl was born.  My father’s mother who had taught her son how to demand money from his in-laws for their granddaughter also hadn’t seen me. Now, my father started displaying his tactics of torture on my mother he started hitting her, assaulted her, kicked her in her tummy for delivering a girl child. He upgraded his torture to level 2 by not going to a job and giving money for the household needs, warning her that he would resign his job if she doesn’t bring money from her parents. My poor mother narrating what had happened to her parents, asks them money and gets some that would last for 3 years. My father started slowly into a monster as the money exhausted. He now started bringing his friends home and started partying from the money he got by working. I was 3 years old who was very weak and was suffering from asthma. There was not enough money for our livelihood.

This was the time my mom was forced to leave him and stay at my grandparents. As father never stopped practicing the bad habits. His bad friends encouraged him to leave us as they were busy living upon his money. Knowing that he would never realize my mother decided and happened to leave him.

I was 3.5 years old when my mom left him and now I am 20 years old and proud to face the hardships along with my mom and grow this old to be a better person. My mother has given me all the comforts I needed. We stay at our grandparents. My maternal uncles had no problem with my mother coming over to my grandparents along with me. We all stay on the same street. I hadn’t seen my father till I was 17. I never even had any attachment towards him. Coz, I never had had him when I truly needed him. We are living for better futures.  He’s the best person I have ever seen as he never bothered us. I had tried talking to him but, haven’t got any reply. Thank you, dad, for making us strong.


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  1. Chunchu Harsha Priya Darshini says:

    So wonderfully said . Thank you for praising her . All moms are the best. Keep tuned for more of my posts .


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