My dreadful One Night Stand…


Run. Don’t look back”, a voice cracked through the dark forest. I was running thoughtlessly for I knew that a ghostly figure was chasing me. Next moment, the dark, menacing, amorphous figure appeared in front of me. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I jumped up with a sudden jerk. I shuddered, with my heart racing, sweat gathering all over my forehead, I tried to figure out, where I was and where was this dark forest with demonic presence? Well, for my relief, I was lying down on my soft, fluffy bed sleeping alone. I heaved a sigh.

It was dead silent and dark. The windows were slightly open with a light cool breeze. Blurry rays of moon light were spread across the bedroom. Before I could think of anything else, a shadowy figure from the dreams moved right from window towards the door, gliding in front of me. No doubt, it was the same figure which haunted me in my dreams just a few moments before. Can dreams come true!?? My mouth dried out. 

I tried to pause the panicky thoughts and tried to make sense out of the situation. Ushering myself that it was just a game of light and shadows, I got my **** together and walked towards the door to get a glass of water from the kitchen. I could see light playing its tricks on me with the shadows of trees around the house through the window. 

I went up to the kitchen table to drink water and it tasted like nectar of the Gods.

The bed was calling me back as I was feeling too sleepy and went towards the bedroom. It felt that it was better to close the door instead of filling my head with doubts and fear. I closed the door behind me and came near the bed lamp table to check on the mobile. 

It was at that moment I could hear bedroom door being opened with a slight squeaky noise. One could imagine my reaction. I jumped at once and looked back. I could just see infinite darkness ahead. My heart skipped a beat. Being a rational person, I always have an explanation for everything. So my mind worked to convince myself that it was because of the breeze coming from the bedroom window.

I latched the door from inside and made sure that the window was closed and drew the curtains so that the room was dark and laid down on the bed and stared at the door with fear. No, nothing happened. I kept looking for another five minutes and there was no sign of any unusual or creepy things. 

The room was warm with the door and the windows closed. A fluffy bed and a cozy quilt made me comfortable and I was on the verge of floating away in the dreamy land again. 

As if this moment was long awaited, the door opened again with the same squeaky noise.

My guts and my rational mind bid adieu and I kept my eyes shut tightly. I was scared to even breathe. Not knowing what to do next, I pulled the quilt over my head and that seemed to make me secure, I too wondered why and remained silent while trembling with fear.

Einstein’s simple explanation of the theory of relativity was working and it felt like ages. So, gathering my courage, I slowly removed the quilt to look. But when I was about to open my eyes, I felt a heavy weight next to me in the bed. 

The ounces of courage which I had gathered were swept away by fear. I could not find my voice to scream out loud. I remained quivering under the quilt, which I considered safe until a few seconds ago.

All the scary images of horror movies began to flash before my eyes. I imagined a hand moving over my body, or some creepy little thing crawling up to me inside the quilt. I cursed myself to having watched horror movies and decided not to do that anymore, provided I survived to see the day light.

Few hours passed and I suppose nothing happened. I could hear birds chirping outside the window and some vehicles passing by. A sure sign that it was morning. But I wanted to make sure that the sunlight streamed through the window and saw light through the quilt.

It was somewhere around 7am. I removed my quilt hesitantly, hoping to see something eerie. To my surprise and relief, there was nothing next to me. The door was latched from inside, the way I had left it the earlier night. It did not add up to the events that took place in the previous night. 

I went to the office and shared the incident with my close friends. They just laughed saying that surely this was a dream and asked not to worry about it much.

I thought of giving it a try by staying all alone for another night. The next night too, I was waiting that something might happen and I should open my eyes and see it this time. But to my relief, nothing happened. After a few days, I forgot about the incident. I stayed in the same house for another 6 months but never came across any paranormal activities or strange things happen neither during the day, nor in the night. 

Now, my friends occasionally tease me that I had a one night stand with a ghost. I smile at the little joke, but quiver inside. I do not know if it was a trick of my mind or if it was for real. But certainly that incident left an indelible, petrifying, spine-chilling mark in my memory.


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