My favourite

This week I’ve been thinking about you,

How long will this feeling be here?

But you always know one thing,

you’re my deepest fear.

Not because you own me,

not because sometimes its hard to see,

but maybe because you always know me,

And the things others can’t see.

You’re my favourite.

My favourite notification,

You’re my favourite,

My favourite destination.

“We don’t talk anymore,

We don’t talk anymore,

like we used to do.”

“Why you put such irritating ringtones everytime we have a fight?” she said furiously.

“To get you irritated ofcourse.”he said in a childish voice.

“So when are we meeting up?” She questioned immediately.

“Why should we meet up?” he said with no interest.

“Why should we? It’s valentines. I want to meet you this year at least. I want to spend a day with you. For the first time. We’ve been in relationship for 3 years.” she said in a sad voice.

“But I don’t have time. And I have an important meeting with a client the next day. It would take a lot of up down plus I’m not that fond of travelling. So Can’t do it this year hun. ” he said.

“Okay” from the other side.

*BEEP* hung up the phone.

After 5 mins of thinking.

“Dad can we talk?” he knocked at his parent’s room door.

“Yes. Come in.” A heavy voice came from inside.

“I want to ask you a few things.” he said.

“Yeah you always come up when you have some queries.” dad said in a taunting way.

“What’s the most romantic thing you did for mom on valentine’s?” he asked.

“I cooked for her and we danced together on her favourite song.” dad said.

“That’s it?” he questioned instantly.

“That’s it. You don’t have to be fancy son. Be real. And most importantly make her feel your presence.” Dad said with a smile.

He went out of his parent’s room. Thinking of what dad said.

Let’s write something to her.

“But what to write!” he said scratching his head.

A notification blinked in. *I HATE YOU*. He smiled. he knew what to write.

My favorite

I don’t know a lot of anything. And this writing stuff is seriously not my thing. But you know I’ll write things my way. Because I’m not good at chemistry but our chemistry is so out of this world. I don’t know all of the physics but our collision was way too energetic and I sensed stars in your eyes when I met you. I’m seriously not a good mathematician but our equation was the most complicated one I ever came across. I don’t know much about this poetry stuff but when I think of you everything starts to rhyme itself. And you know I can’t think about things when you are around. When I hear your voice it’s like “everything will be fine soon feeling comes”. You are my favorite cup of coffee that keeps me awake the entire night when I have work to do. You are my favorite music when I’m feeling a bit low. You are my favorite pillow and my favorite go to person. When we are around it the world feels a better place to me. I can’t do things like others do. But I can do things my way. And I want you to know that you are my favorite love song. My favorite crush and My love. And this life, the one i have left within me. I want to spend every second of it next to you. Right beside you and staring at you till you freak out. P.S. I don’t write well.

And he did skip his important meeting. And rung the bell of her apartment. And when she opened the gate. It was him with a wedding ring sitting on his knees. And what he said was something you shouldn’t say on your proposal.

“You look fat but I want to marry you!”

And a fake rejection plus some slaps. Well it was worth a valentine. Wasn’t it?

P.S. Don’t try this at home.

I cried today,

Not for you,

Not because I miss you.

Because I actually don’t have a clue.

And to this day I promised you my forever,

And to this day I was in your dreams,

But now I can’t think of you anymore,

Because I can’t see you in these screams.

You are my favorite,

My favorite fantasy,

You are my favorite,

My favorite reality.


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