My journey with Mumbai


It has been two years since I stepped into this city. Before coming here, I heard everyone saying that “people in Mumbai are very selfish. Don’t make any close friends because you cannot trust anyone”. But once I stepped in this city, I sensed a kind of positivity. Yes, people told me that you need to be decisive about everything. You just need to worry about yourself. And, you just need to love yourself. No doubt, they are correct. But, what I have noticed is “People aren’t selfish here”. Someone is harassing you? Mumbaikars will help you. Lost your way? Mumbaikars will help you. Be it any problem, they are always ready to help others. This city gave me almost everything I wanted in my life. It gave me a college where I have learnt so many things. It gave me friends who are always concerned for me and told me how crucial I am for them. It gave me such amazing roommates who made my life much more easier.I met people who have such a long vision about their life, and that has always motivated me. ‘There will be days where you will feel like giving up everything’- I totally agree with this. But do you know what keeps me going? The people living here. Never in my life, I have learnt to be positive to this extent. Never in life, I had thought about my goals with such a clear vision. Initially, I felt vulnerable about everything here. But someone has truly said-‘There is a kind of magic spelled on Mumbai’. You will always feel like you are at your home- Safe and Happy. Yes, many times you will feel like your life is trapped in a vicious circle of loneliness. But this is what life is all about. Yes, it did teach me to enjoy my own company. I earned everything- criticism, love and respect from my friends and most importantly, I have earned my dreams where day by day, it feels like I am very close to my dreams.Where it took me years to understand what I actually want from my life, that one step in Mumbai not only changed my whole perspective towards life but also helped me in realizing how my dreams will be fulfilled.
I have started loving myself.
I have a more clear vision about my goals than yesterday.
And yes, I have actually started living my life on a positive outlook.
– Ayushi Jain❤


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