My teacher



As she shouts, I pity on her vocal chords 


she teaches me the meaning of love and several other words…


she corrects me whenever required,


and rushes up and down without getting tired…


I try hard to figure out if she gets the time to eat,


As she always has loads of work to do and solving my problems and how perfectly she does it,
with her gleaming eyes and active wit…
I always wonder how can her normal brain,
be so intelligent that she becomes my umbrella to every rain…
She makes me learn several multiplies and divides,
but I know, its just equality in her heart that resides…
As she was the one telling me who invented light,
and told me that world was much beyond black and white…
I still think deep,
does she ever weep?
Or is it just me testing her patience each morning,
Each time she tries to indulge me in more and more learning…
I fall, I rise, I flunk , I score,
But her disappointment or happiness is never too much more…        
She teaches me the sweetness of a fruit,
and how hard work rises from the root…
Generally when I am busy in my thoughts,
and she is busy explaining nevers and nots,
She taps on my shoulder and scolds me for being a dumb creature,
and warns me to listen as she says,” I AM YOUR TEACHER.”



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