My two-headed turtle!

Baby Turtle Wallpaper

Have you ever come across naughty pets? That may be a yes or a no! Well, they sure do give you an unforgettable experience. When I got my first turtle at 2, I didn’t know how to handle another kid in the house. But we ended up growing together. I loved the turtles and the turtles loved me. It was like an unending bond and friendship between us which just grew with each day. The three of us became a team. I fed them, kept them clean, took them out for walks and did my homework with them too. They would get more attention than me from all sorts of people and that really did make me proud. But then I think puberty hit us all. But then it hit the turtles harder, I think! It is because the turtles became extremely naughty. The two heads were like two different personalities stuck in the same place. They rebelled constantly, did not eat until they were fed strawberries and cream, ran around the house extremely slowly and hid in all sorts of places. Then one day, rebellion found another outlet. They started eating plants inside the house. I found one eating the money plant while the other was happily chewing away the flowers on the other side. And in no time, the whole garden looked ransacked as if a tornado might have hit it. I caught the turtles in the bushes nibbling more plants and flowers. This kept on going on and on which completely changed the appearance of our garden. Just imagine, bulky two-headed turtle running around the whole place without stopping. Then I realised that their stomach had probably gotten bigger and their time as my pet had probably ended. They two of them would fight on their own at times and bump their heads into each other as if trying to prove a point for nothing. So after a thorough family discussion, we decided to take the boys back to the sea to save them and our garden. The goodbyes were difficult because all the memories rushed back in but eventually, the 3 of us found our happiness in our own beautiful ways.


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