My uncle is coming

There is a song that my mother is humming. 
Which is a sign that my uncle is coming.

My smile disappears and eyes turn wide. 
As I look from side to side.

I look for places to hide myself. 
The furniture is too small that I wish to turn into an elf.

“Run Away! Run Away! ” my mind screams. 
My nightmare’s Now have a human version and that is not just a dream.

He will touch me at places and kiss me everywhere. 
He does it everytime when no one is there.

I feel so adulterated and unclean. 
When he looks at those parts of mine that should not be seen.

I go through an unbearable pain everytime. 
But I cant tell anyone as I feel that I am the one who committed crime.

He tortures me and tells me to not to tell anyone. 
Or else he would shoot my family with his gun.

I stay quiet and let that happen to me. 
And make myself ready as there is more to show and much to see.

Sorry, I have to leave my poem at running .
As, my uncle is coming.


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