Few hours led me into dark shades of my life;

PAIN ; FEAR and AGGRESSION were the core assets of my shadiness that made me deprived ;

My own reflection was clamoring for
justice and happiness;

But unfortunately at that juncture I turned out to be like a crippled and a pusillanimous cat;

At the hand of love you was avaricious for my skin;

Falling head over heels in love with you was smthng I led my sentiments attached with;

The first night we made out was not a ‘ONE NIGHT STAND’ for me……I BARE MY SOUL to u ;

But bit by bit you wrapped my mind that I just a puppet doll you want to share Ur bed with;

The nightmare when u dragged me down the floor and twiddle every part of my body;

The only thing left under my control was screaming u to spare me;

This pluralistic society were with the despicable mindset blaming our short skirts and parties ;

But no one blames your well planned unmitigated farce for this;

U were the deceptive person I made someone to entered my life ;

That atrocious night I can never forget where u were no more a human to understand the meaning of NO


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