Nothing is constant!

Nothing in this world is constant, there’s not a single thing that can remain hidden from the hands of change. No feeling, no emotion, no relation, no person- Nothing. What was there in a moment may cease to exist in the other, and what was merely confined to your imagination might take the shape of reality. You never know what’s gonna happen to you, how,when, where? You just can’t know and maybe that’s the beauty of it? Not knowing, just letting it happen and waiting to see what new change awaits you? 

Nothing is certain and nothing can be predicted. You can’t always rely on or be sure of how you are feeling, maybe its gone the next minute? Maybe it stays with you until your last day? You can never know, that’s something that the passing time will show. And then, you will have no choice but to accept it. Accept it the way your experiences mould your feelings. You will not always be comfortable with it,there will be moments,which will feel like eternity,where you will be uncomfortable thinking about the way you are feeling, trying to find answer why are you feeling.
Remember, those will be the times when you will have to be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. Have faith in yourself, have faith in the faith that other people have on you. Don’t run away from changes, welcome them with open arms and believe that relationships evolve with changes. Don’t be afraid of fading emotions, don’t be afraid of fading relations. There’s always more in store for you, maybe something better?

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