So I write. Or better should say that I write as well. There are so many writers these days that I sometimes feel a no-use, non-existing writer. And being a design student, end up writing for my designs (write-ups are important bro!). And then I get appreciated and feel like a diva, like oh my god, why haven’t I published a book yet! And tell you there are people who tell you that there is no other writer better than you and then there are people who do not read you things only!

What a combination, right? And so I think my life gets balanced, between feeling a wow-so-good poet/writer and a normal girl. I think life always has these two sides, one where you feel like there is no one better than you and other one when you feel like trash. And believe me both are equally important. Like ying-yang. The philosophy that tells that value of one thing is known only when it’s right opposite exists. 

But wait! Why am I talking about this? I should be a good internship seeker and write on some better things (environment, health, politics, love… maybe.. do you want that?). I don’t know what bloggers keep writing about, as only blogs I’ve read are on food and movies. Aren’t I a good reader? I don’t know what I am good at. I should be good here. Don’t you guys want a good writer and send money bags to me? Kidding.

Honestly, till now I wrote nothing significant in this article. Nor do I think that I would come up with any interesting topic. But then I think sometimes, isn’t “nothingness” a topic?

Why do we give so much importance to full things, why not we consider half things sometimes? Like a crescent moon, or no moon? There is beauty in nothingness. A feeling where you want “something”, something to happen to you, something to be there in your bag, someone to talk to…”some” thing. Isn’t it beautiful to realize that absence, the dark has meaning?  It exists because there is something else too.

Nothingness, yes that’s my topic maybe. Maybe because I started from nowhere and I m writing about something at least. Funny that my article began from nothing. Not just this article, I started many things from nothing. Many of us do. We try and fail and achieve. We have a story to tell after this. We have a bag full of experiences and memories. And we call it life!

We often wait, because we have nothing. Or maybe we feel we have nothing. Yes maybe we feel that’s why we do! What are humans without emotions after all!

But sometimes feeling too much is bad. Because how can you judge that you have nothing? How can you even compare yourself with others? We are given this life to live, not to apply math in every single thing. But we all do it! We all at some point feel worthless. We feel that we haven’t earned enough to buy that expensive meal, or to go on that dream vacation. We feel we did not make a good job out of our studies to full fill the needs of our homes. We feel we do not look good to get a perfect partner and curse that other half and ourselves the rest of our lives!

Yes many of us do either this or some other form of it. But we judge ourselves. We feel less when we think we don’t have enough. But there is nothingness there is something waiting for you and asking you not to lose hope. Not to lose that last chance thinking your luck is not good enough. There is always something better than before waiting for you, when you are waiting for your judged fortune to come up and light up your life.

But no. life is more balanced when there is extreme of something. Sometimes less of it, sometimes full. The day I read about ying and yang logic, I was very pleased. I felt like I got solutions to many of my problems. Yes I waited too. I still wait for many things. But then there is something waiting for me too. So one day I wrote few lines …  

There is wait,
for the good and somewhere, somehow,
for the bad too…
How do we know this is good, that is bad …
How do I explain myself what is worth what is not?
Because I wait ,
I have waited for good when I had bad,
and I knew this is good because that was bad.
Because there is Ying and there is Yang.
And there is “The Wait”.

Yes I write such things. Whenever I feel too much about something that’s in my head, or when a phrase or line hits me, I write poems. This is my way of expressing my true self. This is me, somewhere between those lines and somewhere outside of that too. I am balanced; I believe in nothing as well as full. I feel myself worth for a nice internship and the next day I feel oh crap, what have I done till now?

This is me. This is us. This is world. Nothing, yet full of it.

I have done my thing of writing on “nothing” I am still not clear what I have been talking about this whole time, or maybe I am. Who knows? At least you don’t know (I winked). Maybe I planned something to write on nothing.

Wow. I feel I am done now. So let’s leave you here with a mystery of nothing and say bye and, thank you.


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