“Nyc dp” : stalker alert.

Women and police were finding it extremely easy(sarcasm intended)
to tackle with the problems of molestation,
threats, acid attacks, rapes, attack on minors, sexual
exploitation at work place, etc. And Well Romeos on social
media realised that the police force was paid much more
in comparison to the work they were doing and thus they decided
that they won’t let them earn without working and hence thought
of creating a few more problems for them and the best way to
do it was by sending amazing messages like “hello butiful, nyc dp”, “wanna do frndship with me.” If you are a girl and have an account on any social media platform, then you would have surely received such messages once in a while, either it be most prominent Facebook, message requests on insta, or the safest so far WhatsApp because you can’t completely govern who gets your number.
Now as the problem is a social media issue the police force
of Mumbai came up with a mind boggling idea that was to use
social media itself as a answer to it and as a step towards
tackling this problem, they released a meme on social media which
showcased some cheesy messages which are used frequently
and asked girls to block the user if they get any of such messages.
The post said “Block them. Call us. We will take good care
of their emotion and intention!#Dial100#WomenSafety”
This move was appreciated by many and was considered a
great way to deal with the issue but like always, some folks
with extreme levels of intelligence came up with doubts like “nyc
dp takes you to jail so ‘I like you’ might result in a person being hanged”
They don’t understand that Mumbai police isn’t Hitler and they have
no intentions of filling in the vacant jail rooms and feed people for free.
These questions are asked only because people don’t understand
the depth of this issue.

According to a survey, 62% of Indian youth on social media is under
the risk of being bullied or stalked on social media. We must realise,
hurting someone psychologically or emotionally is as bad as hurting
someone physically. We must understand what starts with “nyc dp”
might one day result in abuses like “s*** and b****” and this isn’t
something hypothetical because such cases have been registered.
These people don’t text with an intention of starting a conversation
because even the foolest guy on earth would know this is not how
you start conversation with a stranger. This is just a way to spoil the
day for someone by torturing them mentally. There have been
reported cases where these lovers of classic fashion even paid a
visit to the girls residence to have a good look at the face which
they saw in the display picture.
This move by Mumbai police is a great initiative to show how
social media could be a cure to problems too and it’s not that
Mumbai Police has used social media in this manner for the
first time. Earlier too it came up with “ghar se nikalte hi, kuch dur
chalte hi” meme to give a message to people that they should
wear helmet while riding two wheelers, and they also used
the much trending “daisy shah from race 3” meme to ask
people not to share their personal data with others.


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