Obsession to Mayonnaise


Mayonnaise! Among all the sauces I have ever eaten Mayonnaise takes the first place. It suites all kinds of dishes that need a companion. I am so obsessed with Mayonnaise sauce that I have tasted it with almost all the South Indian dishes. From tifffins to rice, from chicken cheese burger to veg pizz, from a puff to samosa, from South Indian thali to Mandi and in many other foods I have had , I tasted them with this sauce.There are many types of Mayonnaise sauces available! Of which the one I know is mentioned. Mayonnaise sauce is is a thick sauce, also called ‘mayo’ can also be made at home with these below ingredients.
Egg yolks
Olive or Vegetable oil (combined or divided)
Fresh lemon juice
White pepper
The amount of the above ingredients I mention are for serving two people.
2 Large egg yolks
1 tea spoon mustard
1 and a 1/2 cup olive or vegetable oils
1 tea spoon vinegar
3 tea spoons fresh lemon juice
1/2 tea spoon white pepper 

Whip all the above ingredients in a bowl. Add in the same amounts as mentioned to avoid the change in it’s composition. Whip the cream by adding oil drop by drop into the bowl. Rapid moment is necessary until the mixture turns creamy white and thick. Once the ingredients are mixed and that white creamy color is acheived . Serve it with the dish you want to eat it with. I would prefer it tasting the best with American cheese and onion lays. Make Mayonnaise sauce with the above mentioned ingredients, invite those friends who aren’t foodies 😉 .Remember one thing! Do not invite your best friend. I repeat ! Not at this time. Play an interesting movie. Serve your friend some Lays and Mayonnaise. This can be your best weekend and food. It can be best tasted with Salads too.
“All you want to taste is Mayo with Lays”


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